Friday, February 6, 2009

Teriyaki Beef with Rice and Garlic Walnut Broccoli

For dinner last night we were going to grill up the tri-tip that I had been marinating in the best teriyaki sauce ever Soy Vay for the past three days. I was willing to brave the 20 degree weather, but the grill was out of gas. So I decided to cut up the meat in chunks and stir fry it instead. The meat came out nice and tender which I was worried about since stir fried meat can get a little tough. As for the broccoli, I blanched it, then added it to the pan after the meat was cooked and mixed in some chopped garlic and walnut pieces. I cooked this on a lower heat setting until the walnuts were toasted. In retrospect, I should have added the walnuts first as I normally do when I make broccoli this way. In my defense, I was tired and just wanted dinner done. I hope that you give Soy Vay and the broccoli a try. I hope you enjoy your dinner.

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