Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Sushi EVER in Hampton, Virginia?

I know you have to skeptical, how could you not, Hampton, VA, I mean where is that even? Those were my thought when I first made it to the Hampton Roads area and decided to be brave, really, really brave and go get sushi in Southern Virginia. I have been lucky enough to eat and some great sushi restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Area, and in San Diego. I did not think that I was going to find a good sushi restaurant out here in Virginia, but I was willing to try since giving up good Mexican food, In and Out Burger, and Mitsuwa Market, I really did not want to loose the pleasure of eating sushi. My prayer were answered by the wonderful Michael and Sun Kim, the owner’s of Musasi Japanese Restaurant.

Seeing Mr. Kim behind the sushi bar working just gives me such a sense of confidence and joy. I know that no matter what I chose to order that night, it is going to be the freshest and best fish that I have ever tasted. For those new to the restaurant I highly recommend get the sunomono salad. This is not the cucumber and crab salad that most sushi places serve this is a mix of sashimi cuts of sushi mixed with a seaweed salad, topped with the house secret dressing. I have ordered many of the rolls on the menu and I think between myself, my family, and my friends we have tried almost everything on the menu, and there is NOT one single thing that I would not order again, or recommend. For those of you not into sushi there is a great selection of Japanese and Korean dishes that are fish free and taste great, for those with kids who are not as adventurous as mine, there are “Japanese Chicken Nuggets” and some if the best grape juice that your child will ever try.

Now I guess I should get to the point of why I am gushing so hard over this great restaurant, on what must be the busiest day of the year for Musasi, I was lucky enough to get an amazingly beautiful to go order of sushi. My husband was not going to get home until after the restaurant closed and after a phone and a quick visit down to Musasi, I knew that Valentine’s Day dinner was not going to be ruined. I placed my order on Friday afternoon and asked when would work best with the restaurant’s schedule for the night for me to come back and get my order. I was told to be there at 6:00 and by 6:15 on was on the road and ready to wait for my husband to get home so we could enjoy a great meal. I only wish I had gotten a picture of the to go platter that I received. I have never been so impressed with food to go from anywhere. However, this should not surprise me as after the first time of eating at Musasi I have been more than willing to put my trust in the Kim’s and their great restaurant. If you are ever in the Hampton Roads Area, make the trip to Musasi Japanese Restaurant at 49 W Queens Way, Hampton, VA 23669, or give them a call at (757) 728-0298.

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