Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why is it that since I have moved to Southern Virginia the best pizza that I have had is from Dominos? I am originally from Chicago and love a good thin crust pizza; Dominos has perfected this (as far as one can outside of Chicago) with their thin crust option. I am not talking about the Brooklyn style, which may make New Yorker’s happy; this is the closest thing I have had to a traditional Chicago style pizza outside of the greater Chicago land area. I love the pepperoni, mushroom, and onion, which just takes me back to the days that I sat around the pizza parlor with the family and each of us, order our favorite. Thank you Dominos for giving me an option that I can at least enjoy when I want pizza. I only wish that there were a place like Bronx Pizza in San Diego around here, the pizza places in this area are so bad that Round Table seems like a dream of great pizza. For anyone living in the Hampton Roads area, good luck finding a pizza that is good, let alone great. I hope that you enjoy your dinner tonight...

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