Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trader Joe's always comes to the rescue.

At some point during you day you are going to wonder what is for dinner tonight. For me that moment came today while visiting the disappointing (small with a bad selection) Whole Foods in Richmond,VA where I overhead someone ask if they has any lobster bisque. I love lobster bisque, in my opinion World Famous in Pacific Beach, CA has a greatest and since moving away from the area I have been forced to branch out in my search for great lobster bisque. I will not make it because the recipe tends to be more work than I want to put into any meal that I am going to be the only member of the household enjoying it. So, to Trader Joe's I go and low and behold they not only have a pre-made lobster bisque that is enjoyable, but to make up for the lack of lobster meat in the soup, I found langostino tails to add in. Tonight I get to enjoy a not that pretty looking, but great tasting bowl of lobster bisque with a few pieces of baguette, and if I am not full after that, a small mixed green salad. I hope that you enjoy your dinner tonight...

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