Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carne Asada

Dinner tonight is Carne Asada. The meat has been marinating for almost 4 days in a mixture of orange juice, green onion, and Tapatio. For some rather interesting recipes featuring Tapatio check out http://www.tapatiohotsauce.com/home.html. After bracing the freezing weather to hit the grill, the meat came out more tender than it ever has before. The extra days of marinating really paid off. I am serving the Carne Asada with chopped cilantro, diced onion, lime wedges, corn tortillas, and thanks to Wal Mart (the only place that has a decent collection of Mexican products around here) some crema. This is a meal that is simple, easy to make, and so very satisfying. We have some extra beer left over from Saturday so that is going to be a nice accompaniment. I hope that you enjoy your dinner as much as I am going to enjoy mine.

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