Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday John

John turned 5 today and to celebrate he dragged me to his favorite place, Silver Diner. This is not my favorite place to eat to say the least. I am not a fan of chain restaurants, and this place is a diner chain, also just one of the every single chain restaurants you can find in Newport News, VA, the chain restaurant capital of the world. Can you tell I am bitter much? However tonight I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the service great, (ask for Tony), but my food choice was great too. I have been there a ton of times, it is John' favorite, and someone is always eating the meatloaf, I decided that I had to give it a try. I was smart about it and asked for the gravy on the side, thankfully so. I could barely stand the smell and would have had to send back my entree if it had arrived smothered in gravy. The meatloaf was tender, onion and red pepper filled, flavorful, and a HUGE serving. I think that I may have to rethink my aversion to Silver diner after this experience. I will say that I need to apologize to anyone sitting around us, 3 rowdy boys and a baby never make good dining companions, if you ever see us coming be sue to ask for a different table.

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