Sunday, April 12, 2009

Williamsburg Farmer's Market

On Saturday we took a trip to the last preseason Williamsburg Farmer's Market. I must say that I am looking forward to returning. There was a good variety of meat and cheeses, but only one fresh vegetable stand that day. We tasted some great pie, cheese, and dips, learned about lamb, buffalo, and if the land is on my side I found a place that may have some French Sorrel for me in May. We bought some sun-dried tomato goat cheese from Goats R Us, they have some great flavored goat cheeses. Three pies, an apple toffee crunch, a strawberry-rhubarb, and blueberry from Simply Southern Pies, good luck in that upcoming competition. A fresh Piedmont cheese from Everona Dairy. Shenandoah Farms has some wonderful watercress, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I am looking forward to getting some jams from Rockahock Farm, French food from Normandie French Cuisine, and checking out all of the fresh produce that will be coming starting in May. If you find yourself in Williamsburg on a Saturday morning from May to October, stop by and see what fresh and local finds are around. For more information visit

For a great lunch with some of our find from the market I made watercress and cucumber sandwiches, a English Tea classic. Toast some bread, spread some whipped cream cheese on each side, add watercress to one side, cucumbers to the other, place together, cut off crust and serve.

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