Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grown Up Mac and Cheese

Once again those folks at the Food Network got to me. I was sucked in by the Barefoot Contessa and determined to try this recipe. I think this why I should just let my son watch TV more often, really I am joking on that one. I did and I must say that is not bad. I personally will add a shallot to the mushrooms the next time I make this. But the real treat came from trying to hunt down the ingredients needed to make this meal. Let me tell you, truffles, at least the non chocolate kind are not easy to find in this neck of the woods. Truffle butter came with a phone call to those wonderful folks at Harris Teeter, who seem to always have that one thing you cannot find anywhere else. I did not find any cremini mushrooms, but after a conversation with Rena, she reminded me that unless you want to pay tons of money, they are sold as baby bellas on this coast. So that is what I used. I look forward to planning this one out better next time I make it and I think the addition of the shallot will make this a meal worth the effort (getting the ingredients) and the money. Really $8 for 3 oz. of truffle butter, ouch. Here is the link to the recipe, I hope that you enjoy it, now I am going to eat some leftovers and look forward to a great seafood meal tomorrow.

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