Thursday, June 25, 2009

Revenge of the CUPCAKES

About two weeks ago my daughter turned 1, it is hard to do a real party for a 1 year old so I decided since we do not have a ton of family in the area and my daughter does not have a huge social circle at this point in her life that we would keep it small and do a cupcake theme since the kids that would be attending are much older that her. I am not a baker at all and since hubby was out of town for work I made this as easy as possible on myself. I used some white cake mix, lemon cake mix, chocolate cake mix, and a funfettti mix. Let me tell you I should have stuck with lemon and chocolate and saved myself some time. The kids just loved the lemon. I also had every kind of sprinkle available, 3 different kinds of frosting, and some maraschino cherries. One of the children who attended is allergic to eggs and I wanted him to be able to eat a cupcake or two also so I searched around for a recipe that used cake mix and was egg free and stumbled across something that I never had heard of before. You can use soda and cake mix to make a low calorie and egg free cake, cupcake, etc. The trick is that you need to cook it for just a little longer. These tasted just fine, but were much stickier than all the rest of the cupcakes. I gave these ones to the little boy to take home with him so that got rid of a dozen, but I was left with close to 3 dozen more cupcakes. Thank God for 5 year olds and the fact that mine is always hungry, I feel like we were living off of cupcakes for a week. I was having them for breakfast, letting my son eat like three a day and we still had to throw away about a dozen. At this point I hope to not have to do or see anything cupcake related for awhile.

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