Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cookbook Crazies

Cookbooks are one of those things that cooks can have a love/hate relationships with. Me, I like to check out cookbooks from the library and get inspired to try new things. Yesterday while at the library I found an book that I had high hopes for, but ultimately had to ask myself why would someone publish this. The cookbook I am talking of is Couscous by Kitty Morse, I am not attempting to offend Ms. Morse, and I really enjoyed the traditional recipes and I can't wait to make some preserved lemons, but really I think this book just goes too far. I really do not think that if I am going to take the time to make truffles from scratch that I would add couscous to the mix. I also did not like that almost every recipe was flavored with herbes de Provence. I like herbes de Provence, but I really do not think that they are the right flavor for everything. I would not use them in recipes that this book had them in, fine herbes maybe, but herbes de Provence, no. There are some great recipes such as the couscous and parsley salad which is something that I make all the time, but never thought to add some toasted pine nuts to mine. I will definitely be making the baked onion filled with couscous and preserved lemon which is pictured on the cover. But I think I will leave the desserts to others and look for some of the authors books that feature North African cuisine, her speciality.

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