Monday, May 11, 2009

Too Hungry

I do not know if I am the only food blogger who has this problem, but lately with my crazy schedule and two kids to take care of, but by the time I have finished cooking, I am too hungry to take pictures. I have made some great food lately too. I made some Mexican Chicken on Cinco De Mayo, a Greek grilled steak with a cucumber, tomato, and red onion salad, a grilled lemon chicken with a snow pea and avocado slaw (recipe available at served with a great Sauvignon Blanc, made some inari (yumm), and found a great new website for helping pair food and wine, Yet each time i prepared a great meal my rumbling stomach and my five year olds "Mommy, I 'm hungry" gave me no time to take a picture. I am hoping that this does not become a habit. I love taking pics of my food, I love sharing my creations, and hoping that other enjoy them enough to try them too. So I am going to be taking a new approach to my cooking, I am going back to menu planning. I love just being hit by a craving for something and creating a meal around it, but I think that the running around to grab ingredients is getting to be to time consuming. So, for you dear reader here are some things to look forward to: Salads, lots of them, all that fit different cuisines, new product tasting, some semi-homemade meals, finger food meals for baby, and quick and simple dinners. I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts and I know you will love some of the salads that are coming up. I promise that these will be great meals that will give you something refreshing and light to serve on the upcoming hot summer days.


  1. I understand the kid thing but mine is now 10 and he is anxious to become my "official blog photographer"


  2. Jim,
    Thanks for stopping by. My son is in training, but so far his pictures are not capturing the food to well, more of the table. I am working on it, perhaps in time he will be my "official blog photographer" too.