Monday, May 11, 2009

The Drama of it All

So, Oprah announces free a KFC meal deal to get people to try the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken that the company is offering. Websites get bogged down, coupons, do not get printed, KFC runs out of chicken (which the company does not foresee), and now there is a rain check that will be good only on certain dates. Really people, all this over free food. Is our economy so bad that people need these coupons to feed their families? Has it gotten that bad for KFC that they need Oprah to get people into their restaurants? To be honest, I tried to get a coupon, that would have gotten me to at a KFC for the first time in almost 10 years. I am curious about the new product, it would have been nice to try it without paying, I may still try the product anyway, but on one condition. KFC responds to my complaint about the coupon printing problems. I downloaded the needed software, pressed print and what do you know, nothing happened. I filled out a complaint form, and was told that I would be contacted shortly, I am curious on how shortly this will be. I am sure I am not the only American with this problem, what is the company going to do for us? I only hope that the chicken is worth all the hype.


  1. for that final "Raincheck" verdict, it sounds like KFC is banking on the fact that people hate filling out forms and therefore won't do it

  2. You are so right, plus you have to go to a KFC location, get the form, fill it out, and then mail it in. That is a lot of work for something that you can just pay $3.99 for.